About Neu Spine

Our back health products are developed to help people with back health issues and back pain. With years of experience in the Pilates and Physiotherapy industry we understand that back health is rooted in an overall approach to health that begins with the core. Strengthening your core with your pelvis in a neutral posture can improve your back health. Give your back the support it needs.
Neu Spine is a simple and easy to use Pilates prop that gives your low back support when doing core exercises. Our Pilates and Physiotherapy workout video series is the perfect compliment to using the Pilates prop at home. The Neu Spine can also be used at the Pilates studio. We guarantee you will see faster back health results with your core exercises when propped into a neutral Spine posture. Life is more fun when you are healthy. Stay active, be happy!

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Neu Spine helps you find neutral spine and true core alignment.

Working out your abs but not getting the results you want? Train your core properly with a Neu Spine! The Neu Spine is the best core activation tool on the market. It targets your big abdominal muscles and those deep, hard to reach core muscles by putting you in proper core alignment or neutral spine posture. A neutral posture is a natural, healthy and pain free posture. The Neu Spine is a simple, easy to use tool. Try it today, and experience the results!